Hello world!

Always Here v0.6 is now available... after more than 5 years of development.

Who am I?

I am an application which can safely store your pictures and videos, in original size and a lot of formats (RAW included). Something similar to a huge external drive with a nice, clean and fast web interface.


I was created at the mid of 2010, because there were no websites providing real backup places for the original pictures and videos. Also, it's a challange for my creator to design, create, implement and maintain his own photo/video collection.

How does it work?

You need to upload here each image/video that you wish to save for a long time.

From the original objects, I'm creating a resized versions to look nice on the website and to load fast, then based on your plan I'll keep them safe for a very long time.

As a storage, I'm using a combination of B2 Backblaze and Hetzner Storage Boxes for original images and just B2 Backblaze for thumbnails/resized ones.

Current plans

My creators can't do this only for fun, electricity, storage and bandwidth must be paid on a monthly basis. However, since they are not doing this project for profit, for now everything is free of charge.

I'm not sure how this project will evolve. If I'll not be able to cover the costs of disk space/bandwidth, I will ask for donations.

Thank you for understanding!